I have studied the medicinal use of cannabis since the start of my PhD in 2001, in the lab and in the field. With a background in biochemistry, my main interest is in cannabis as a natural chemical factory: what compounds does the plant produce, and how is this reflected in the many cannabis varieties we know. I believe that cannabis is not the right medicine for everyone, and should be used with care. By better understanding the chemistry involved, we can design better products and smarter clinical trials, and have a deeper understanding of how cannabis actually works.

But not all answers come from labs alone. I have an equal interest in finding out what motivates patients to use cannabis, what are their preferences and problems with cannabis medicines. How much cannabis do patients use per day, and what is the quality of the products they consume? I address such questions by setting up surveys or by interacting directly with experienced users of medicinal cannabis. All my studies are published in the form of scientific papers, and I make sure they are accessible and easy to read for everyone. In that way I contribute to a more science-based discussion, and help to determine when cannabis-based medicine is the best choice for patients.

From patient surveys to product quality to clinical trials: 

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With the rapid legalization of medicinal cannabis come many new questions and uncertainties. But where can you go to learn about this controversial topic, after decades of prohibition, misunderstanding and illegal use? Scientists do not have the practical answers you are looking for, and do not always understand the nuances of cannabis. Companies treat all their knowledge as intellectual property, and what they share is mostly advertising. And government officials are there to regulate cannabis – not to answer your questions. Meanwhile, the internet provides you with a total overload of unverified information. So who do you listen to?

I provide different types of training, often in collaboration with my diverse network of cannabis professionals. My teaching can be tailored to the educational background of the audience, the time available, as well as the type of event. Although online cannabis courses are everywhere, I strongly believe in face-to-face teaching. In a classroom students can ask all their questions to a real person, and connect with speakers as well as co-students. I have taught in University classrooms, for physicians trainings, at patient events, and at my own annual Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis. My teaching addresses all relevant topics related to cannabis, that I like to categorize as ‘the 5 Ps’: Plant, Product, Patient/physician, Pharma, and Politics.

From a short presentation at your symposium to a one-week international Masterclass: 

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Since 2016 I offer consultancy via my business Hazekamp Herbal Consulting. As a consultant, I consider myself an experienced guide in the dynamic and confusing world of cannabis. I will show my clients what relevant developments are taking place, where information can be found, and who can provide the answers they need. I can help you set up cannabis cultivation, navigate regulatory requirements, organize your lab, develop new products, review the scientific literature, or write clinical trial protocols. I believe it is important to know when to say ‘I don’t know’ and refer clients to other professionals who may know better. For that reason I actively work with an international network of reliable professionals.

Within the cannabis consulting space, I am one of the few who combines a deep knowledge and a long history (since 2001) in the field of cannabis, with an academic background (PhD) and working experience with a major international cannabis grower (Bedrocan). I work with companies both large and small, but also support academic researchers to set up research trials, and help policymakers to understand the rapidly developing regulatory aspects of cannabis.

From asking a quick question by phone to hiring me as full consultant for your project:

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Courses & presentations

Over the years, education has become my main passion: A complex topic like cannabis can only become more accepted when people receive information they understand and believe in. I find education of patients and activists just as important as presenting to physicians and regulators. We all have a stake in this topic. I present my work at all major cannabis conferences (e.g. IACM, ICRS) and give courses and presentations in many settings. My main event each year is the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis, where students from around the world come together for a whole week to learn from the teachers as well as from each other.

Learn more Online

Instituut voor Verantwoord Medicijngebruik (IVM) | 2019
Course: Online cursus voor artsen en apothekers, met accreditatiepunten [Dutch]

Instituut voor Verantwoord Medicijngebruik (IVM) | 2017
Video: Themajournaal over medicinale cannabis [Dutch]

Youtube | 2017
Short animation: What is medicinal cannabis

Green Flower Media | 2017
Course: Introduction to the chemistry of medicinal cannabis

Global Medicinal Cannabis Summit in Dublin, Ireland | 2016
Conference presentation: About the Dutch medicinal cannabis program

ICARE symposium in Delhi, India | 2016
Conference presentation: About the history and future of cannabis medicine

My reseach papers

Pharmaceutisch Weekblad | 2017
Grote variatie in samenstelling cannabisolie noopt tot regels [Dutch]

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research | 2016
Cannabis: from cultivar to chemovar II — a metabolomics approach to Cannabis classification

Frontiers in Pharmacology | 2016
Evaluating the effects of gamma-irradiation for decontamination of medicinal cannabis

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Cannabinoids | 2006
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Quantitative analysis of cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa using 1H-NMR

Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies | 2004
Preparative isolation of cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa by centrifugal partition chromatography


Review papers

Book chapters

Principles and Practice of Botanicals as an Integrative Therapy | 2019
Chapter 18: The therapeutic potential of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system

Handbook of Cannabis | 2016
Chapter 17: Self-medication with cannabis

Comprehensive Natural Products II Chemistry and Biology | 2010
Volume 4, Chapter 24: Chemistry of Cannabis

My PhD Thesis at Leiden University | 2007
Cannabis – extracting the medicine


Published as co-author



Chemisch weekblad | 2019
Article: Partydrug als medicijn [Dutch]

Sante Maart 2019 | 2019
Article: CBD, wondermiddel of hype [Dutch]

GezondNu Januari 2019 | 2019
Article: 10 vragen over medicinale cannabis [Dutch]

Avro-Tros Radar | 2019
TV: Consequenties van de Novel Food wetgeving voor CBD [Dutch]

Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoids | 2018
Interview: Short introduction of Arno Hazekamp

Radar+ Magazine voorjaar 2018 | 2018
Article: CBD olie en Wiet olie – werkt het en waartegen? [Dutch]

Margriet April 2018 | 2018
Article: Wiet op recept, de voor en nadelen [Dutch]

Vrij Nederland | 2018
Article: Cannabis tegen kanker – hype of houvast [Dutch]

Avro-Tros Radar | 2017
TV De werking en kwaliteit van CBD olie [Dutch]

Libelle Mei 2017 | 2017
Article: Medicinale cannabis – wondermiddel of niet? [Dutch]

NPO2 | 2017
Documentary: Foute shit – over het drugsbeleid in Nederland [Dutch]

Spuiten en Slikken | 2017
TV: Vergoeding van medicinale cannabis door zorgverzekeraars [Dutch] | 2017
Article: Despite Growing Demand, Dutch Health Insurers Dropping Cannabis Coverage

Wilde Haren de Podcast | 2017
Interview: Medicinale cannabis onderzoek en ontwikkeling [Dutch]

Global Medical Cannabis Summit, Dublin | 2017
Interview: Regulation of medicinal cannabis

Indian Express Newspaper | 2017
Interview: How does medicinal cannabis work | 2017
Article: Waarom ​willen zorgverzekeraars medicinale cannabis niet meer vergoeden? [Dutch]

Nemo kennislink | 2016
Interview: Cannabisonderzoeker Arno Hazekamp over medicinale cannabis [Dutch]

Vice TV | 2016
Documentary: Mediwiet – medicinale cannabis in Nederland [Dutch]

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